Four Steps to Choosing the Best Printing Company for Your Next Business Cards

Flickr Free Photo Giving out a business card

Being sure you have chosen the right printing company for your business cards is something you will not feel until you have done it many times.

Follow these four steps to help you choose the right company for your next business cards order, however, and it will at least feel easier.

Start with the prices — Get free quotes from at least five printing companies either in your area or on the Internet. This will allow you to see the full range of prices for business cards, as well as give you information on some of the cheaper ones.

Compare quality against price — Remember, it is not just the price that is important when choosing a printer for business cards. It is the quality that counts more than anything.

That is why you should go through the websites of the handful of printing companies you are still considering, and compare the quality of their work against the prices you charge. If you are not sure from photographs on their websites, head down to their plant and ask them if you can look at their portfolios.

Take your time choosing — Remember, you may not just be choosing a printing company for business cards, but you may also be choosing a print shop for all the future printing jobs you need.

This is why you should take your time, and be sure the one you choose offers everything you are looking for.

Is their staff helpful? — Not enough attention is paid to the helpfulness and friendliness of a printing company’s staff, but this is important.

Only go with a print shop with friendly and helpful staff, and you will quickly find placing an order for business cards or any other print job is always easier than you thought.


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